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The International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers (CISAC) is a non - profit non - governmental organisation which represents , in over a hundred countries, collecting societies managi ng copyright relating to , inter alia, musical works .

The collecting societies acquire the management of those rights either by direct transfer from the authors or by transmission from another collecting society managing the same categories of rights in an other country . They grant exploitation licences to commercial users, such as broadcasting undertakings or organisers of live shows . The prices of those licences are the source of the royalties that the authors receive, after the management expenses of thos e collecting societies have been deducted .

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On 10 December 2012, the Council adopted a Resolution endorsing the EU Customs Action Plan to combat intellectual property rights infringements for the period 2013-2017. The Action Plan aims to increase customs cooperation at the EU’s external borders to combat infringements, and lays down as strategic objectives the effective implementation and monitoring of EU legislation on customs enforcement of IPR; tackling trade of IPR infringing goods throughout the entire supply chain; tackling major IPR infringement trends; and strengthening cooperation with the European Observatory on infringements of IPR and law enforcement authorities.

A roadmap will be prepared to facilitate this implementation; the Action Plan will be assessed every year and it will be subject to a final report in 2017.

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UNESCO, the Hellenic Ministry for Education and Religious Affairs, Culture and Sports and the Hellenic Copyright Organization are organizing an International Conference on “National Policies of Partnership on Copyright Enforcement on the Internet from Rightholders and Internet Service Providers”. The Conference will take place on Friday 28th and Saturday 29th September 2012 at the New Acropolis Museum (Athens, Greece).