The Committee for the Notification of Copyright and Related Rights Infringement on the Internet (ΕDPPI) was established under the Law 4481/2017, aiming at dealing with copyright and related rights online infringement cases and through an extrajudicial mechanism.

The Committee consists of three members:

  • The President of the Hellenic Copyright Organization (HCO),
  • A representative of the Hellenic Telecommunications and Post Commission and,.
  • A representative of the Hellenic Data Protection Authority.

The procedure before the Committee is an administrative procedure enabling any rightholder who submits a relevant request concerning the unlawful use and disposition of his works on the internet, to achieve (if the application is admissible), within a specific and brief timescale (no later than sixty (60) days), the prompt removal, or the access blocking to the work infringed, depending on the specific circumstances applying in the case at issue, without suspending or affecting the exercise of claims for the same dispute before the courts. However, if an action has been brought by the same applicant with the same claim before the courts either before or during the examination of the case by the Committee, the case shall be closed.

Any person whose copyright or related rights are infringed on the internet (i.e. authors, performers, publishers, collective management organizations etc.).

A rightholder may submit an application before the Committee in any case of copyright or related rights violation on the online environment, WITH THE EXCEPTION OF:

  • Infringements committed by end-users through downloading, or
  • streaming, or
  • peer to peer file sharing, which respectively:
    - allow for direct exchange between end‐users of works in digital form, or
    - in the case of cloud computing.
  • The advance payment of the fee required for the examination of the case.
  • The use of the pre-established application form posted on OPI’s website.
  • The attachment of any required document, as well as of any further information available to support and evidence the relevant claim.
  • The a priori use of the relevant procedure (if any) provided for by the Internet Service Provider (ISP), which failed to produce results, notwithstanding the fact that it was concluded within a reasonable timescale.

The fee required for the examination of the case amounts to:

  • 372 euro, if the application concerns one (1) domain name.
  • 620 euro, if the application concerns two (2) to five (5) domain names.
  • 868 euro, if the application concerns six (6) to ten (10) domain names.
  • 1240 euro, if the application concerns eleven (11) to fifty (50) domain names.
  • 1240 euro, if the application concerns the blocking of IP addresses that provide access to content through data streaming. Such requests cannot include more than fifty (50) IP addresses.

The aforementioned costs include VAT.

Imposement of a fine between 500 and 1000 euros for each day of non-compliance.


View the infographic about the complaints procedure for online copyright infringement.