One-member Court of First Instance

One-member Court of First Instance of Chios 118/1998 Collective societies. Claim of disproportional remuneration for usage of their repertoire works. (DEE VOLUME 1999, p. 593). 

MPrAth 32309/1997

Denial of unfair blocking competition due to the free distribution and to the character of the programs as works of copyright. Inapplicability of L 146 in self employing. (DEE VOLUME 1998, p. 845). 

MPrAth 23612/1997

Dictionary publication of the same kind by a different publisher. Application of the first publisher, who the intellectual property rights of the author were transferred to, about the prohibition of publishing and distribution of the new dictionary as being a copy of the original, in order to achive unfair competition. (DEE VOLUME 1998, page. 274). 

MPrAth 12729/1997

Interim measures for importing and illegal and unfair rental of videocassettes of films without Greek subtitles, the reproduction and exploitation right of which in Greece with Greek subtitles or screen translation, belongs to the applicant. Implementation of the provisions of Law 2121/93 about copyright. Complementary implementation of provisions about unfair competition. Contents of the economic right of intellectual authority. The contract for renting and lending an intellectual author’s work is a contract concerning copyright. (DEE VOLUME 1997, p. 829). 

MPrAth 3455/1997

Civil Law – Copyright - Artistic works – Fictional characters of films-. The fictional character that is created by the film producer can consist an subject-matter of copyright. Under the provisions for the protection of intellectual property, the provisions about unfair competition can be applicable, provided that the preconditions of their application are met ( 

MPrAth 14751/1996

The publication of a musical composition in a different version from a different producer, with or without the permission of the original producer, especially when the economic right of the intellectual author has transferred to him, is observed in great extend resulting in forming of a related custom which is restrictive of the right of the intellectual author. (DEE VOLUME 1998, p. 843). 

MPrAth 25686/1995

Open-ended contract about the exploitation of a book concluded before the enforcement of Law 2121/1993. The non-signature of copies by the author does not affect the validity of the contract. The non-formal conclusion of the relevant contract is valid. Retroactive effect of Law 2121/1993. Cases under which the termination of contract by the author is abusible. (DEE VOLUME 1996, p. 490). 

MPrAth 14106/1995

Law 2121/ 1993 about Copyright and related rights: (article 2 par. 2 – Legal protection of electronic databases. The prerequisite for the protection of electronic databases as subject-matters of intellectual property is the contribution of the element of originality during the selection or the addressing of their content. (DEE VOLUME 1995, p. 963). 

MPrAth 2439/1995

Law 2121/ 1993 about Copyright and related rights: Articles 20 par. 1 and 21, 42 par. 1. Legal protection of computer programs. (DiMEE 3/2006 – 3yr, p. 502). 

MPrAth 880/1994

Copyright. Copying of the ideas and the contents of a book is an offence of intellectual property rights and not an offence from publications or radio/TV broadcastings. The claims for compensation are judged on the basis of the standard procedure and on the basis of the special procedure of labor disputes (L 2145/1993) (