One-member Court of First Instance

MPrThes 19928/2004

Photographs that cannot be characterized by exceptionality and individuality, meaning that no other author would be in position to create a similar work, do not constitute intellectual creations protected according to the provisions of Law 2121/1993 (DiMEE 4/2004 – 1st Year, p. 559, comment P. Koriatopoulou-Aggeli). 

MPrThes 1037/2004

Protection of the intellectual author. Awarding of video creation for city projection. Illegal projection of the work from the principal in events before the payment of the price. Offence of copyright. Application for interim measures (DEE VOLUME 2004, p. 906). 

MPrAth 1756/2003

Equitable remuneration according to article 18 of Law 2121/1993. Recipients, administrators and right holders of remuneration. Relevant submission of declaration. Meanings of the relevant provision after importing the amendments of article 14 par. 4 of Law 3049/2002 (DiMEE 4/2004 – 1st Year, p. 237). 

MPrPeir 5745/2002

Assignment contract in a script producer for filming and exploitation of films in theaters, does not include the right of their television exploitation (DiMEE 4/2004 – 1st, p. 98). 

MPrAth 9646/2001

Collective societies for the rights of literary works authors, printed works and visual art works publishers and photographers. Equitable remuneration of Article 18 of Law 2121/1993 calculated on the basis of the reproduction data carriers and materials value. Collective society’s right on information by the debtors. Obligation of declaration arising from the enforcement of Act 2435/1996 (DEE VOLUME 2002, p. 275). 

MPrAth 1639/2001

Establishing WebPages on the internet by a third party, where, without the permission of the intellectual author, were uploaded texts of her work, her resume with adverse comments and photographs. Creation of electronic mail where the visitors are asked to criticize and order books. (DEE VOLUME 2001, p. 858). 

MPrAth 1319/2001

Contents of copyright. Publishing contract. The intellectual author is obliged not to create a similar work and to abstain of any exploitation of the work which is similar to that which concerns the publishing contract. Contract for publishing foreign language lessons book. Prohibition of circulation of a new book published by the author, the main part of which is an uncut quotation of texts of the first book (DEE VOLUME 2002, p. 601). 

MPrAth 26196/1999

Copyright – Publishers related rights – Duration of protection – Reproduction of photographs - Unfair competition - The protection duration of the publishers related rights is valid for fifty years and is calculated from the last edition. Reprinting is considered to be an edition. Photographic reproduction of a book constitutes an offence of the related right of the publishers and an action of unfair competition ( 

MPrAth 6489/1999 Industrial design is protected as intellectual creation, only if it presents a certain individuality which is a result of the intellectual work of its author and gives to it originality that distincts it from other creations already present. (DEE VOLUME 1999, p. 405). 

MPrAth 2159/1999

Contracts between musical compositions intellectual authors and AEPI on providing under remuneration the exclusive right of exploiting their work. Production and circulation of a record comprising works of the abovementioned intellectual authors without permission of AEPI, is prohibited. (DEE VOLUME 1999, p. 719).