High Court (Areios Pagos)

AP 152/2005

Work protected as intellectual property. Photograph. Exploitation without authorization of the rightholder. Protection of original intellectual works. Meaning of originality in photographs. Evocation of the case for further hearing due to inadequate rationale, if the litigious photographs were meeting the conditions for their protection as intellectual works (A΄ Dep. - DEE VOLUME 2005, p. 1177, DiMEE 4/2005 - 2nd year, p. 413, comment Eir. Stamatoudi). 

AP 820/2003

Reasons for judgment - Copyright -. Since in the statement of the reasons for the conviction for public performance of musical compositions, the content of the judgment is repeated in summary without mentioning any loud and specific instance and without any essential addition or declaration which are necessary in view of the claim of the accused that this was not a public performance but a simple audition from the radio, the judgment has no legal basis (www.dsanet.gr). 

AP 446/1999

When the designs of seaming or fabricating of clothing are characterized as intellectual creations. (F΄ Dep. - DEE VOLUME 1999, p. 1010). 

AP 315/1996

The statute provision of article 45 par. 1Α v. b~ of Law 2172/1993 comprises every crime which is conducted by anyone uses a mass broadcasting media as means of its realization and which is predicted by Penal Code or other special pennal law, and hence, all violations of the legislation for protecting intellectual property. The said provision of article 45 par. 1Α v. b~ of Law 2172/1993 is not in contradiction with article 4 par. 1 of the Constitution. (DEE VOLUME 1997, p. 155). 

AP 238/1994

Contract of a work publishing. Way of establishment. Publication without mentioning the author’s name. Importance of delivering debt instruments to the publisher. (DEE VOLUME 1995, p. 391).