Greek Articles

International protection of the artists and performers. 

The author’s moral right and his right of personality. 

Piracy of computer software and protection of its reproduction right (with regard to the recent law 3524/2007). 

Software, PPrAth 223/2005. Interim measures. Psychometric tests. Software protection. 

Copyright law problems arising from the use of multimedia in the information society. 

Note to decision DEK case C-169/2005. case 1.6.2006: Copyright / Right of the author and related rights. Directive 93/83/EEC. Powers of collective management companies. 

Relations between radio-television companies and publishing houses

Notes to decision EfThrak 7483/2007: Index and protection of author’s economic and moral right. 

Directive 2004/48/EC on copyright enforcement and law 3524/2007 on its implication to Greek law. 

The anti-competitive abuse of copyright under the prism of the TRIPS Treaty.