On February 21, 2023, the annual survey "2023 International IP Index - 11th Edition" of the US Chamber of Commerce, the largest US chamber was published, which concerned to 55 countries including Greece. This research concerns the recording of the comparative results for the national environment of protection of intellectual property rights for 55 countries based on 50 indicators related to the existing legislation, regulations, and enforcement of the law of protection of all intellectual property rights.

The Hellenic Copyright Organization, as the competent national authority for intellectual property and related rights issues, had submitted a relevant report on the issues that fall within the scope of his responsibilities and in relation to the work carried out in the Committee for the Notification of Copyright and Related Rights Infringement (EDPPI), which is assisted at a legal, technical and administrative level by its executives.

Greece took the 18th place among 55 countries with a score of 70.92%, while the Europe/Central Asia average is 76.09%, the average of the top 10 countries at 91.06% and the average term of the 10 worst performing economies at 28.51%.

The full text of the research is available here.

Specifically for Greece, the relevant results are reported on pages 202 – 206.