International Conference with the subject: "National Poilicies of Partnership on Copyright Enforcement on the Internet Between Rightholders and Internet Service Providers"

UNESCO, the Hellenic Ministry for Education and Religious Affairs, Culture and Sports and the Hellenic Copyright Organization are organizing an International Conference on “National Policies of Partnership on Copyright Enforcement on the Internet from Rightholders and Internet Service Providers”. The Conference will take place on Friday 28th and Saturday 29th September 2012 at the New Acropolis Museum (Athens, Greece).

The aim of the conference is the exchange of experiences among stakeholders (authors/rightholders, users of copyrighted works, collecting societies, internet service providers, national agencies etc.) on the national policies of cooperation between rightholders and internet service providers for the effective implementation of the law on copyright protection on the internet, that are applied in other countries. This conference will pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of every solution taking into consideration the views of all stakeholders. Examples of national policies that will be presented are those of the U.S., France, Gr. Britain and Hungary. In addition, the views of relevant government agencies and other interested parties will be introduced. After the presentation of the above topics an open discussion will follow during which the advantages and disadvantages of each national system will be examined together with several other issues (personal data protection, communication security and privacy, effects of copyright infringement on the economy and society etc.)

In the foloowing links you can download the presentations of the speakers.